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It Becomes You

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"Poems of grace and invention. . . . In Gibson’s hands the lyric form becomes enlivened. This is his most generous and assured volume to date." — The Believer

“Gibson got noticed for his first two books, which combined a sparky, bizarre postsurrealism with an understated, familiar sadness. This third outing might be his best.” — Publishers Weekly

“Deftly quilts witty observation with moments of lyric intensity.”— Minneapolis Star Tribune



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“Poems hum with gloomy humor and the mood of pregnant anticipation one finds in a Paul Auster novel. Gibson is no escapist, though, portraying an anxious America in the new millennium.” — Publishers Weekly

“[Readers] expect not only to be moved but to have a little fun… [Gibson] understands this. In his second book, ‘Skirmish,’ he shakes the reader at every turn.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A smart, clever, pyrotechnical book.” — The Rumpus



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“I have read few more quotable first books … Polar is friendly, yearning, observant, immediately winning and witty.” — Stephen Burt, Yale Review

“Teems with a language so alive and so imaginative that one cannot help but read on with wonder and rapture.” — Bloomsbury Review

“Picks up the baton left by Wallace Stevens in his last proper book, The Rock.” — H_NGM_N